BÖCKER Maschinenwerke


BÖCKER Maschinenwerke has been known as a specialist for furniture lifts since 1974. The company offers individual solutions for furniture transportation with its various construction lifts - either as trailers or part of the vehicle body itself. With a network not just in Germany, but across Europe, as well as numerous rental stations and cooperation workshops, the BÖCKER GROUP is always available nearby.

We rent Böcker lifts to our DMG customers everyday. Characterised by top quality and functional operation, the high reliability of these furniture lifts also speaks for safety and efficiency. And if repairs are needed, you can absolutely rely on the Böcker service.

All of which explains just why BÖCKER Maschinenwerke has been a partner of DMG for many years.


We speak from experience when we say "BÖCKER builds the best lifts"! 

{ Manuela Higgen | Rentals }

  • Schieferstein 11a · 65439 Flörsheim,
  • Tel +49 6145 5442-0
  • Fax +49 6145 5442-176
  • Email: info@dmg-ag.com
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