Responsible towards the environment and workers in the furniture industry


moveGREEN draws from

  • More stability with reduced material input
  • Multiple use
  • Cost advantages
  • Protection against overloading
  • Environmental sustainability
  • FSC documents
  • Recirculation into the recycling process
  • Shipment optimisation
  • Quick and easy folding

This is moveGREEN

The brand with a range of packaging options for secure transportation of sensitive, delicate and very fragile goods: achieving continual environmental sustainability through protection of resources and material selection.

moveGREEN stands for achieving the highest ecological targets. Minimal use of resources but optimum transportation protection. Manufacture using recycled materials and problem-free recirculation into the recycling process. Constructive solutions which allow the packaging to be used multiple times, despite reduced material use.

moveGREEN is the brand for responsible transportation of goods. Alongside ecological goals, we also strive to protect against overloading by lifting and supporting goods. Lower volumes of the moveGREEN removal boxes make high transport weights difficult and so protect furniture industry workers and removal agents.

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  • Fax +49 6145 5442-176
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