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Welcome to the DMG Deutsche Möbeltransport AG website, hereinafter referred to as "DMG". Please read the following Terms of Use carefully. They regulate the contractual relationship between DMG and persons wishing to make use of the range of services available on the website.
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1. Processing your personal details
DMG deals responsibly with the personal details of registered users. The personal details from your registration on dmg-ag.com and use of dmg-ag.com are only collected, saved and processed by DMG insofar as this is required for rendering services according to the contract and imposed or allowed by legal provisions. DMG will treat your personal details confidentially and pursuant to the provisions of the German Data Protection Law. You details will not be forwarded to third parties. Furthermore, DMG only uses your personal details insofar as you have explicitly consented to this. You may revoke such consent at any time.

2. Registration
2.1 Registration Authorisation
The use of certain services available on dmg-ag.com requires you to log in as a registered user. There exists no claim to this use; DMG reserves the right to reject registration applications without giving reasons. Registration is permitted provided you are of age and of unrestricted contractual capacity. Minors may not register. For corporate bodies, registration must be carried out by a natural person authorised to represent the body.

2.2 Your Registration
(1) The contact details requested by DMG during the registration process and other required information must be given fully and correctly.
(2) After entering all the required details, these are checked by DMG for completeness and plausibility. If the details are correct in DMG's view, DMG enables your personal access and informs you of this by email. The email is considered as acceptance of the application for registration.

2.3 Responsibility for Access Details
(1) During the registration process, you are asked to give a username and password. You are responsible for your username not breaching any third party rights or transgressing standards of public decency.
(2) You shall keep your access details secret and not make the accessible to third parties. DMG will not ask you for your password at any time. It is your responsibility that only you access 'My Account' and use the services available on 'My Account'. DMG must be informed immediately if you have reason to believe that third parties have gained or will gain knowledge of your access details. You are responsible for any use and/or other activity carried out using your access details.

2.4 Currentness of Participant Details
(1) You are obliged to keep your details (especially contact details) up-to-date. Should there be a change to the details given, please correct this immediately on dmg-ag.com. Should you not be able to do this, inform us of the change by email.
(2) The details which are considered to be up-to-date are those which are saved on the basis of the information in your personal preferences.

2.5 Termination of Use
You can terminate your use at any time by unsubscribing. This ends your usage authorisation and you can no longer use the details stored on dmg-ag.com. DMG will suspend the username and password after you unsubscribe. Once this has happened, usage authorisation cannot be restored. Should you wish to re-register, you can only do this with a new username.

3. Range of Services on dmg-ag.com
3.1 Scope of the Range of Services, Changes
(1) On its website, dmg-ag.com, DMG provides you with services, such as making available details, information and other content for use.
(2) The content and scope of the services available on dmg-ag.com are at the sole discretion of DMG. DMG is entitled to change the services, to make new services available and to remove current services from the range at any time.
(3) The services available on dmg-ag.com can also include services by third parties to which dmg-ag.com merely provides access. Regulations and responsibilities which deviate from these Terms of Use may apply for the use of such services which DMG makes known as services by third parties.

3.2 Provision of Content
DMG makes details and other information available on dmg-ag.com. DMG takes no responsibility for the information provided being up-to-date, correct, complete or for its quality. It is not possible for DMG to check third party content for completeness and correctness and DMG therefore takes no responsibility and makes no guarantee for third party content being legal, complete, correct or up-to-date.

3.3 Availability
(1) A claim to the use of the services available on dmg-ag.com only exists within the limits of what is technically possible for DMG. DMG is not obliged to ensure continuous availability of the platform and the services available on this platform. Temporary restrictions may result from technical faults.
(2) From time to time, DMG will carry out maintenance work on the platform. During this time, dmg-ag.com may have restricted usability.
(3) DMG reserves the right to temporarily limit participant's access to dmg-ag.com if this should be necessary in view of capacity limits, safety or in order to carry our technical measures.

4. Using the Services on dmg-ag.com

4.1 Fundamental Scope of Permitted Use, Monitoring
(1) Your usage authorisation is limited to access to the dmg-ag.com website and use of the available services in accordance with these Terms of Use.
(2) You usage activities may be monitored to the extent permitted by law. This includes, for example, recording IP connection details and analysing these in the case of concrete suspicion of a breach against these Terms of Use and/or in the case of concrete suspicion of other illegal activity or crime.

4.2 Protection of Content, Use of Content

(1) The details available on dmg-ag.com and other information are predominantly protected by copyright and other trademark rights and are the sole property of DMG or other third parties who have made such content available. The compilation of the content is protected as a database pursuant to § 4, Paragraph 2 of the German Copyright Law (UrhG) and § 87a, Paragraph 1 of the UrhG. You may only use this content pursuant to these Terms of Use as well as within the limits given on dmg-ag.com.
(2) Insofar as a further use is not explicitly permitted below or made possible by a corresponding function, you may only access and advertise the content available on dmg-ag.com for personal purposes. This usage right is restricted to the duration of your use of dmg-ag.com according to the contract. You may not remove or change copyright mentions, logos, other signs or proprietary notices.
(3) You are only permitted to download and print content if there is an option for downloading / printing on dmg-ag.com.
(4) You receive a simple and non-exclusive right to use the duly downloaded content for personal purposes . Apart from this, all rights to the content remain with the original right holder (DMG or the respective third party).

 4.3 Creation of Profiles
(1) Insofar as a specific function is available on 'My Account', you can individually design your profile as a registered user according to your preferences, within the limits of these Terms of Use. Please observe the limitations pursuant to (2). DMG generally does not check the identity of the profile owner and the information on their profile. DMG therefore takes no responsibility for each profile owner being the person that the owner claims to be.

4.4 Adjusting Content
(1) Insofar as a specific function is available on dmg-ag.com, you, as a registered user, may adjust your own details and other information.
(2) DMG reserves the right to decline the adjustment of content at its own discretion and to delete content which has already been adjusted. You are responsible for content adjusted by you. DMG does not check that the content is legal, complete, correct, up-to-date or suitable for the intended purpose.

4.5 Banned Activities
(1) The services available on dmg-ag.com are intended for non-commercial use by users. Any use in connection with commercial purposes is forbidden, unless such use has been explicitly agreed by DMG in writing.
(2) Any activity which breaches valid law or third party rights is forbidden.
(3) Irrespective of a potential breach of law, the following are forbidden: spreading of viruses, trojans and other harmful files; sending of spam emails; spreading of offensive, improper, sexual, obscene or defamatory content; use of scripts or equivalent mechanisms.
(4) The spreading and/or public reproduction of content available on dmg-ag.com is forbidden insofar as this is not explicitly permitted by the respective author or is explicitly made available as a function on dmg-ag.com.
(5) Any activity, which lends itself to compromising the functioning of the dmg-ag.com platform, in particular unduly burdening the platform, is forbidden.
(6) DMG reserves the right to block your access temporarily or permanently in the event of an infringement, without advance notice.

4.6 Blocking Access
(1) DMG can block your access permanently or temporarily if there are concrete indications that you are breaching or have breached these Terms of Use and/or valid law, or if DMG has a further, justified interest in such blocking.
(2) In the case of a temporary or permanent block, DMG blocks your access authorisation and informs you of this by email.

5. Payment for Services
Your using of services is only subject to a charge insofar as you are explicitly notified of this before using a service.

6. Limitation of Liability
In the event that you incur damage through use of the content and/or services made available free of charge on dmg-ag.com, DMG only assumes liability for foreseeable damage which has resulted due to contractual use of free content and/or services. This liability is limited to breaches of duty which were committed with intent or gross negligence.

7. Other Provisions
7.1 Transfer of Rights
Any assignment or transfer of rights arising from these Terms of Use carried out by you requires prior, explicit and written consent from DMG. DMG is entitled to transfer your rights and obligations from these Terms of Use wholly or partly to a third party.

7.2 Written Form
Insofar as not otherwise specified in these Terms of Use, all declarations are to be submitted in writing or by email. The email address for this is info@dmg-ag.com. The postal address for written declarations is DMG Deutsche Möbeltransport AG, Schieferstein 11a, 65439 Flörsheim, Germany. DMG reserves the right to change these contact details.

7.3 Severability Clause
Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become ineffective, the legal validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected hereby. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by the respective statutory regulations.

7.4 Applicable Law
These Terms of Use are subject to the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

7.5 Place of Jurisdiction
The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from these Terms of Use is the registered office of DMG.

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